Introducing "Syrian Subs" to Hampton Beach in 1968, the original founders combined the first two letters of their last names: Saide & Boisvert to create Sabo's (pronounced SAY-BO).  At the time, the concept of "wraps" was brand new but quickly became a wildly popular choice at the beach. The Sabo's name was later purchased by Todd Ross in the 1980's. Todd was a highly respected, local surfer who built the Sabo's brand around the activity that he loved so much. Today, we are following Todd's lead, creating an environment that would make any surfer feel right at home. And for those trivia fans out there yes, the surfer flying through the O in our Sabo's logo, with a sandwich in his hand, is our salute to Todd, blond hair, sunglasses and all! @realsabos

Located on Hampton Beach, NH at the corner of Ocean Blvd and C Street, Sabo's Subs has been a landmark destination sandwich shop since 1968. We are a family owned, family friendly, seasonal business open daily from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Our adult customers tell us that they have been coming to Sabo's since they were kids. Our kid customers just enjoy every bite! Many associate a lunch experience at Sabos with wonderful family vacations and holiday weekend memories created at the beach. Sabo's Subs are the best sandwich choice in Hampton Beach. Our message: "come back and taste a memory!" @realsabos

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The Sabo's Subs recipe has not changed since 1968! Not a traditional submarine (sub) sandwich, all of our sandwiches are rolled up in a specially baked, fresh, over-sized pita bread. We use only the highest quality meats, cheeses, vegetables, and add the same special, mild, dry seasoning that was introduced in 1968. Sabo's Subs are light on bread, filled with your favorite ingredients, and served in a perfect package to either eat in, take home, or "walk the beach."  Our sandwiches are a healthy choice referred to by some as "walk-abouts." @realsabos

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On Hampton Beach Since 1968